Marvel Movie News: Robert Downey Jr. Wants Black Widow, Hawkeye & Hulk To Get Their Own Films, Could That Mean Pushing 'Iron Man 4' Back More? [VIDEO]


While Marvel has always teased the possibility of giving Black Widow her own movie, the actual thing has yet to happen. Even with directors like Neil Marshall throwing his name in the ring to direct, it seems like Marvel may still be waiting. But now one of their biggest stars is advocating for a solo movie for the heroine.

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In an interview with USA Today on Tuesday, Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. weighed in on the creation of a Black Widow movie and advocated for the heroine to get her own standalone film sometime soon.

"It would be kind of more appropriate for a character that already was like a Black Widow (to lead a movie). It just seems like whatever Scarlett does people want to go see it," Downey Jr. said.

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He also added that two of the other Avengers should be getting solo movies also because of the popularity of their characters.

"The funny thing is honestly at this point everyone deserves a franchise. I think Jeremy Renner is - when folks see The Avengers: Age of Ultron he's just a rockstar, a bada--," Downey Jr. said.

"And Ruffalo is pumped. He does great [work]. I'd like to hear them talk even more seriously about a Hulk franchise, because that's been one of the toughest ones to get right. But I'm sure that my parent company is feeling expansive and bold after the summer they've had."

A Black Widow movie has always been teased by the studio with a early draft script being penned by Guardians of thee Galaxy writer Nicole Perlman and people reaching out saying they would like to make it.

Scarlet Johansson has also shown that she is a big enough star to carry the movie, and with the Marvel brand behind her, could make a hit.

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