Tamar & Toni Braxton refuse to sleep over at Towanda, Traci & Trina Braxton's new Los Angeles home, but it has nothing to do with the drama the sisters have been experiencing lately.

Trina Braxton Calls Out Bossy Towanda Braxton 'You Are Not The Parent Of Me'

Apparently the Love & War singer and Toni thought that the girls' home was haunted by ghosts. Tamar made it clear she refused to be the first to be taken out so she hightailed it away from the home with the girls' mother, Miss Evelyn.

She told cameras, "You know how in haunted movies...A White haunted movie. If there is a Black person in it, we go first. She's out...Oh no!"

Tamar & Toni Braxton Bump Heads Over New Album

Toni followed suit and also told her three sisters she did not want to stay in their home. She tried to hide the fact that she wasn't scared after she hurried and left the home leaving her shoes behind. But she was able to joke around with them and flickered the lights before making her exit.

"Really Toni?" Trina laughed.

Still, their rapid departure upset Towanda Braxton who wanted them to stay so they can work on their album.

She asked, "How are we gonna work if people are too scared to come to the house?"

Check it out.

Also on the show, Miss Evelyn bought the sisters a piano in hopes of reminding them of their gospel roots. Towanda laughed at the mother's "takeover spirit."

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