Aviva Drescher is denying reports that she got fired from the Real Housewives of New York and says that she quit the show instead. The reality television star is setting the record straight about her sudden departure from the hit Bravo franchise and why she won't be coming back for another season.

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Drescher told the new issue of Millennium New York Magazine that the only reason why she went on the show in the first place was because she was encouraged to do so by friend Bethenny Frankel.

"When I was approached to be on RHONY my first response was 'absolutely not. Those women are nuts,'' Drescher said on Tuesday, according to Reality Tea. "But I was interested to learn about the reality television process and culture, and I was excited to have a job! I had been a stay at home mom for 10 years, which can be mind-numbing."

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Drescher also explained why she tossed her prosthetic leg during that heated conversation a restaurant with the rest of her co-stars and that she normally wouldn't do such a thing during normal circumstances.

She said, "I am glad that all reactions to the 'leg toss' have been met with a chuckle. It caused people to have emotional reactions, which is a primary goal in entertainment. It was not scripted or planned. I often loosen my leg when sitting to facilitate blood flow so that I am more comfortable. There was a lot of commotion and someone had to finally put their foot down. I happened to have one handy."

Even with all the drama and backstabbing, Drescher insists that her experience on the show was still a positive one.

She added, "Being on RHONY has been incredible. While I don't enjoy gossip and drama as a means for entertainment the amount of people I have helped is tremendous and writing a book alongside with product development has all been a result of doing the show."