Despite the picture-perfect life she likes to display on television, Heather Dubrow says her real life is far from it. The Real Housewives of Orange County star recently admitted that she and her husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow, are "far from perfect" and that she feels she's been heavily criticized by both her fans and the media this past season.

Real Housewives Of Orange County News: Heather Dubrow Says That People Are Jealous Of Her Marriage

In her new blog for Bravo, Heather is defending her recent actions on the show and says that a lot of drama that went down between her and the other ladies is all in part because of a little "miscommunication."

Heather wrote, "We have put ourselves on a show where our every move is scrutinized. We are not perfect people. No one is perfect. We all do and say things we regret. Most of us do not do it in front of an international audience. You are all entitled to your opinions. It's what makes the show interesting, fun, and a 'watercooler' conversation piece."

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She added, "Regardless what you think about us, the show and/or what you believe truly happened this season - I feel blessed and grateful."

Heather also goes on to slam her critics, calling out those who made "hateful" remarks towards her while admitting to "learning from her mistakes."

She wrote, "It's very easy to judge and hate - but why? Does it make you feel better about your own life? Have you never done or said anything you regret? Can you imagine if it were captured for the world to see? I hope to keep growing and learning from my mistakes and my experiences. I hope you all do too. I hope you are all not judged too harshly and are forgiven when you are ready to make amends."