'The 100' Book Series Author Kass Morgan Dishes On Sequel, The CW Show & More [EXCLUSIVE]

One year after the release of Kass Morgan's "The 100" and only months after its adaptation premiered on the CW, the author released the anticipated sequel, "Day 21."

The second book continues to follow Clarke and the rest of the juvenile delinquents who were sent to Earth years after the planet was evacuated because of a nuclear war. Morgan, a lover of science-fiction, promises that "Day 21" will feature just as much drama and action as the original.

The Brooklyn-based author spoke with Enstars.com about the addictive teen series, the popular TV show she influenced and more.

Where did the inspiration for this series come from?

The actual seed of the idea came from my editor at Alloy, who liked the idea of teen juvenile delinquents being sent to Earth. And so, that's what she basically gave to me, which was a few lines of just a basic idea. And then I had pretty much complete freedom to go and run with it.

You find inspiration in all places. Like you go for a walk and something catches your eye or conversations you overhear in coffee shops. It's sort of interesting - something is both a product of all of your past experiences and all the things that inform you while you're writing.

For fans of the first book, what can they expect from the second?

The characters face new challenges. It definitely tests the relationships that were formed in the first book. And, it's sort of like a really intense version of summer camp. You know, how you were away at camp for two weeks but you feel like you've known the people forever and they're your best friends. But, you really haven't known each other for that long. So these characters form these really intense bonds and they are definitely going to be tested in unexpected ways by challenges nobody saw coming.

"The 100" turned into a popular TV series. How does that feel for you?

I started with the canned answer for a while, which is it feels like a dream come true. But, actually I would have never even dreamt about this. I don't even know if it's a dream come true; it's so far beyond anything I could have hoped for or wished for. I was actually just at the set, I came back last night. So, I was in Vancouver watching them film season two and I think that's the first time it really set in for me. I obviously watch the show, which I love. But it sort of felt like two different things until I was actually on set and saw people dressed as the characters I created and having a world that came out of my head and it was almost trippy, like when you are having a dream and try to wake yourself up, but then realize you can't.

How was being on set?

It was amazing. Everyone was so nice. I didn't realize the scale of the production, which is just because I'm ignorant about how TV works. There's hundreds of people in the woods outside of Vancouver and hundreds more elsewhere building sets and writing and scheduling everything. But, to see what they're doing and the intensity and the focus and the standards to which they are holding themselves - it was daunting. And, when I think about how all of that started from me writing a book in my pajamas with a big cup of coffee and I could see it turn into something with such professionalism and such vision, that was extraordinary.

Was there anything from the books or the characters that you wanted to ensure would be on the show?

I was not involved with the show at all so I wasn't really communicating with any of them but somehow the heart and soul of the characters were translated so incredibly well. I think the TV writers have done an amazing job; the actors have done an amazing job. I think the characters that are probably closest to the way I wrote them are maybe Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos). Especially Octavia - it's interesting because she's not a POV character in the book. I was considering doing that, but there just wasn't enough room for a fifth POV. But, all of those thoughts and emotions that I had for her that didn't always necessarily make it on the page have been absolutely expressed through the incredible performance of the actress.

Is season two based on your second book?

It's completely separate. My editors have been working with the studio to make sure that the big, major plot twists align... but I think for the most part they're going their separate ways, which I think is really fun. People who come to the property through the show could read the books and it will be entirely new and fresh to them and vice versa.

How many more books do you plan to write for the series?

Right now, we just have the two signed up and announced but there's definitely opportunity for more down the road and I will be very excited to share any news that I have if it comes up.

Purchase "Day 21" online here.

UPDATE: Shortly after the story was published, Morgan revealed that she will release the third book on Feb. 24, 2015 and it will be called "Homecoming."


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