With fans casting characters for Justice League, one choice for the Green Lantern could help resurrect the character in the movies after the Ryan Reynolds bomb and be an inspired choice for the role. But will it happen?

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On Friday, Comic Book Movie speculated on who they would like to see play the main roles in Justice League and pegged Star Trek and Into the Woods star Chris Pine as the perfect Hal Jordan for the movie.

While it would seem unlikely for Pine to join the franchise with his own priorities lying with Star Trek, which he leads, he could always entertain the idea of coming to the Justice League series, as it wouldn't require as much time.

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Star Trek seems to have an odd schedule and come and goes as it pleases so Pine could have time to be in Justice League and the subsequent Green Lantern spinoffs. According to the site he would fit the role because he physically looks the part and has the acting ability to portray the ideal Hal Jordan.

They added that fans need to look as far as his role as Captain Kirk to see how he excels at portraying a very arrogant character who has to accept an overwhelmingly large amount of responsibility.

Pine was originally rumored for the role prior to Reynolds nabbing it, so interest could still be there for the actor to take on Hal Jordan.

Justice League is directed by Zack Snyder and is set to hit theaters in 2017.