Fitness expert Claudia Sampedro posted a clip of herself at the gym as she shows off how she keeps her body in shape.

Claudia Sampedro Gets Sweaty On Instagram

In a video that was posted on Monday, the model does squats with a weight as she bends her legs with the weight beneath her and then rises up tossing the weight upwards. She wears a grey top with blue sweatpants, exposing her posterior. Her back curves can be seen along with the muscles in her arms and legs as she does multiple rounds of this exercise.

Sampedro captioned this video, "Full body exercise (superset with next video) 4x30 reps (holding 20lb weight but you can just accordingly)."

Claudia Sampedro Posts Nearly Nude Photo On Instagram

Another workout video from Sampedro shows off her leg lifts as she bends down with a dumbbell in each hand. The song "Spiderwebs" by No Doubt plays as the model embraces the burn.

While Sampedro is known for posting photos and videos of herself at the gym, she's also known for putting up random selfies that expose her curves as well as her complexion. One photo in particular shows her face with full lips as she looks into the camera with her piercing brown eyes. She dons a black top as her hand is touching her neck, striking a seductive yet natural pose.

She captioned this image, "#FBF snapping some selfies while awaiting breakfast, in Jerusalem."

Sampedro is one of the most popular models on the Internet with more than 700,000 followers.