Victoria Gotti has spoken out after she became the center of much controversy when she claimed that newcomer Teresa Aprea divorced her husband, Rino, because he cheated on her with her mother.

Teresa Aprea Shuts Down 'Filth & Lies' That Rino Cheated With Her Mother

Gotti might not be an official cast member of Bravo's The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but she sparked lots of drama when she brought the rumors to the show.

While it has caused lots of tension among the cast, she maintains that she is telling the truth.

Victoria Gotti Claims Rino Confessed To Sleeping With His Mother-In-Law

A rep for Gotti released her first on-the-record statement to Enstars that said, "Victoria genuinely feels bad about how this has all unfolded, however stands by her statements 100 percent. It would probably be a good idea for Teresa to stop talking about this because she's only bringing more attention to what has to be a very painful situation for her."

Most recently, Teresa, Rino and her twin sister Nicole Napolitano spoke with OK! magazine and slammed Gotti as well as the husband of their cast mate Amber Marchese, Jim Marchese, for spreading the rumors even further.

Teresa and Rino not only confirmed with the publication that the rumors could not be further from the truth, they also said it was sparked with ill intentions.

"People do things for money. When you're a has-been, you do anything to put your name in the spotlight and get on TV."

Gotti brought attention to the speculation when she told Teresa Giudice and Amber about it. Since then, the alleged incident of Rino cheating with his mother-in-law has become the center of much controversy for all of the cast mates.