With Marvel now looking for someone to take over as Steven Strange for the Doctor Strange movie, it seems like they could follow the route they took with Chris Pratt and try and nab a star on the cusp of being huge. Is that going to be this actor though?

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One name that could surface in Marvel's casting lists for Doctor Strange is an actor who has earned acclaim for most of his hits, but has yet to lead his own project yet and could be that guy who is about to become huge: Matt Bomer.

Bomer is well-known for his work on the television show, White Collar, as well as his movie work on Magic Mike and the HBO film, The Normal Heart. While gaining acclaim for that, other than the TV show, Bomer has not been the sole lead in any of those.

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He has the charisma and charm to take on the role and be a fan favorite instantly in the Marvel universe, but he also shares the physique of the other heroes and looks like he could take punches with Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth if he had to.

He also fits the Marvel bill of star on the cusp of the big time. While Hemsworth and Pratt were known before taking on roles in Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy, they have since become household names due to their roles in the Marvel movies. Bomer has the chance to do this as well and could be a fan favorite instantly due to the popularity he has already accumulated.

His schedule is also wide open following his work on the Magic Mike sequel and a six-picture deal wouldn't be the end for him as his show is done soon as well.

Doctor Strange is set to open in July 2017.