With Mike Tyson's boxing career now far behind him, he continues to transition into the world of acting with his upcoming Adult Swim animation series, Mike Tyson Mysteries.

Producer Hugh Davidson and writer/cast member Rachel Ramras were recently on hand at the 2014 Comic Con on Oct. 11 to dish about the highly anticipated program.

Being that the TV show has a retro look and feel to it, it's surely to garner comparisons to Hanna Barbera's classic cartoon, Scooby Doo.

However, as Ramras put it, Mike Tyson Mysteries will be catering to an adult audience, and also have a very different feel to it.

"It's very adult. There's a lot of cursing. It's like an Scooby Doo homage, but with a twist. This has the same visual feel" she said.

Interesting enough, the highly anticipated series is loosely based on "The Baddest Man On The Planet's" real-life happenings, even playing off his upbringing with a brash pigeon character voiced by comedic veteran Norm MacDonald.

"The pigeon aspect is from Mike. We don't really take anything serious," Ramras admitted.

Aside from penning several of the episodes, Ramras dons the part of Yung Hee, an 18-year-old that Tyson plays father to in the cartoon. She's quick to acknowledge the the unorthodox dynamic, but is confident it will resonate with the viewers.

"You get to see him as a father to my character. It's crazy, but it works," she said.

Davidson, who actually came up with Ramras through the L.A.-based comedy troupe The Groundlings, explained that the mystery component of the show will be rather harebrained.

"We want the mysteries to seem half baked. The crazy mysteries include Mike ending up in Nicaragua to him trying to help a couple find their dream house," he said.

Davidson stated that the overall tone of Mike Tyson Mysteries comes from an organic place inside its actors.

"The performance that Mike gives is very real. No ones played at these characters so it gives it a level of groundedness," he said.

Davidson continued on, elaborating on how the program's real-life aspect has it's advantages to unlocking future storylines.

While he did admit that only Breaking Bad's Jonathan Banks has guest starred up until this point, the producer expects more talents to naturally follow.

"We can flirt with the real world we live in and people could make celebrity cameos," Davidson continued.

Mike Tyson Mysteries is set to premiere on the Adult Swim channel on Oct. 27. Be sure to check back with Enstarz for more of the latest TV information. A video trailer for the show can be watched below.