Beyonce, Jay Z Photos 2014; 'On the Run' Couple Takes Over The Louvre With Blue Ivy, 8 Best Moments [PHOTOS]


Beyoncé, Blue Ivy and Jay Z shared some international cuteness over the weekend as they enjoyed their tour in Paris at The Louvre.  While mom and dad recreated their modern-day-hip-hop-royalty versions of the renowned sculptures, Blue jumped around in an adorable pink dress.  Bey and her team documented the entire trip and put it up on her personal website.  The pictures are going viral and while most 2-year-old's are running errands with mommy at the grocery store, Blue is visiting international museums.  Ahhh, to be a Carter.

Beyonce's New Photos Aren't Photo Shopped like the Others...

According to TMZ, the family visited when The Louvre was closed on Oct. 7.  The company apparently brought in a staff of just under 25 people and of course, Bey and Jay covered their pay for the day of work while they enjoyed their private selfie session around on of Paris' most famous and historic attractions.  

While close to 20 pictures were shared, a few of the moments were too awesome and proved that the Carters had way too much fun.  Enstars gathered the top snaps and put together a list...

Watch Bey and Jay Take Over Central Park

8 Photos that Proved the Carters Had the Best Louvre Visit of All Time

1.  When Blue proved that her photography techniques were better than every Tumblr photographer combined.

2.  While most families take photos at the local photography station inside of a department store, the Carters just stand next to one of the most famous sculptures EVER- the Venus de Milo- and don't even smile for the camera.  Swag.  

3.  ...And of course, there's this family photo in front of the The Coronation of Napoleon.

4.  If someone were to create an actual replica of this photo, the Louvre could possibly use her statue in a different wing of modern work.  That's how awesome it is.

5.  The truth is, kids always enjoy the least expensive thing in the room which is why Blue could not get away from the floor vent.

6.   Sooo, yea... It actually looks pretty fun to jump on.

7.  Now that Bey and Jay are off the run, they have decided to take their talents to the realm of another type of art- recreating sculpture.  Really cute sculpture.

8.  And then there's this moment that proves that underneath it all, they are just a regular family.

Good times, all around.

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