When Community was canceled by NBC after five seasons last spring, the comedy was quickly picked up by Yahoo’s video-streaming site, Screen. Despite such a move, the Internet will work to the show’s advantage in more ways than one.

“Being on Yahoo has been this breath of wonderful fresh air because they are very excited,” cast member Joel McHale told Enstars.com while promoting his involvement in Canon’s Pixma Pro City Senses tour. “And there's not nearly the rules that there are with the FCC.”

This allows the show’s writer and producer, Dan Harmon, to create a script that is “broader, richer and truly exciting” without worrying about the regulatory federal agency, McHale said. The 42-year-old, who stars as main protagonist Jeff Winger, also pointed out that there won't be any commercial breaks, allowing for a longer and more enjoyable show. However, these changes won’t alter the nature of the series.

“Dan has already said he's not going to turn the show into Dracula Untold or some version of House Of Cards; it's going to the be the show you like or hopefully love,” the Soup host said.

Additionally, Community no longer has to compete with one of the biggest shows on television – CBS’ The Big Bang Theory – which aired simultaneously on Thursday nights. "We were always kind of cannon fodder at that time spot," he said. "We were always going to lose to that show as far as ratings."

When asked if Community would fulfill the rallying cry of fans for “Six Seasons and a Movie,” McHale said it’s definitely a possibility.

“I'd love to and I know that we wouldn't want to be just a little thing; we would want to make it epic,” he said. “We'd want to make it like Pirates of the Caribbean. I would show up for that anywhere.”

Season six of Community will feature 13 new episodes. A premiere date hasn’t been announced.