'Thor 3' Movie Rumors: Chris Hemsworth Could Have A Clone Who Joins Up With Iron Man's Side During Civil War [VIDEO]

With a Civil War coming in the Marvel universe, what does this mean for Thor and his third movie? While Ragnarok is still a possibility, it could also mean more than one Thor could be coming to Earth to help a side.

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In the Civil War comics, Thor was not around during the Civil War, so it was a huge moment when he returned on the final page of Issue #3. Siding with Iron Man, the God of Thunder made short work of Captain America's team in an epic battle between the two bands of heroes.

It is later revealed that the Thor that came down to Earth to help Iron Man was actually a clone that Tony Stark created from a hair he retrieved from the God of Thunder previously. This is a shocking revelation in the comics and could allow the actual Thor character to be at home in Asgard watching the throne after the events of Thor 3, while the Civil War rages on Earth.

Thor Could Be Stuck In Asgard On The Throne After The Events Of 'Thor 3'

It also stands to point out that Thor would be joining sides with Iron Man, who believes that heroes should reveal their identities, rather than Captain America, who is against the idea. On the side of Iron Man is also the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man, with the latter going to Captain America later on.

While this moment may be cut out of the storyline due to contract restraints with Chris Hemsworth and the fact that Marvel may want to go to him later on rather than using up his last two movies early, it could also set in motion the events of Thor 3 that could end with Asgard in destruction.

Marvel is looking to pack a big punch with this Civil War storyline and it seems like Thor could be the one throwing one of them.

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