‘Jane The Virgin’ TV Show News: Gina Rodriguez Admits She ‘Prayed’ For CW Role, ‘This Is Brilliant’ [VIDEO]

Jane the Virgin is one of the most talked about TV shows that debuted this season and its star Gina Rodriguez is just as big of fan as viewers are.

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Rodriguez recently admitted that she was "praying" for a career opportunity like Jane the Virgin to come along. Rodriguez was born in Chicago and admits that the resemblances between her family and Jane's are strong.

Rodriguez revealed that when she first got the script she thought it was "brilliant" because her household was very similar to Jane's growing up. The actress admitted she grew up with a lot of different cultures and ethnicities, so, "it was difficult for me to encompass all of my upbringing into a story in general," Rodriguez told Backstage on Wednesday. "I would say as an actor it's very hard to find a story like yours unless you write it yourself, which will be done, but in the meantime, I read this script and thought, OK, here we are giving so much more. We are the heroes."

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Rodriguez said that the "show's main goal is to tell a story from an American girl's perspective. We all migrate here and have the American dream. You're going to know I'm Latina, but I don't need to tell you in the first two seconds that we meet."

Jane the Virgin is based on the Venezuelan telenovela about a girl who is waiting for marriage, but ends up becoming pregnant.

"The concept of my mother speaking to me in Spanish and me responding in English, that is my upbringing to a T," Rodriguez said about the show. "And it's funny, my parents are mad that I am not more fluent, but I am really good and understand 100 percent and I am conversational-but when I do an interview in Spanish, I get a little nervous."

Jane the Virgin airs on the CW Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET.

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