Boardwalk Empire surprised fans Sunday night with its series finale on HBO, but it looks like the end of the prohibition drama followed a suggestion one of the show's former stars made back in July.

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Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt) was murdered by his boss and former father-figure Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) at the end of Season 2. While Pitt hasn't been featured on the series for a number of years, he did give his opinion on the fifth and final season during an interview with E! on July 10.

"I think my son should assassinate Nucky Thompson," declared Pitt, referring to Jimmy's young son Tommy. While Pitt was just speculating about the HBO drama's conclusion, he happened to hit the nail right on the head.

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During the final moments of the finale, Nucky was murdered by a young man who'd been known as Slim during the second half of Season 5. Of course, Slim was just an alias for Tommy Darmody.

Just before shooting Nucky repeatedly Tommy (Travis Trope) revealed himself to be the son of the fallen Jimmy Darmody. When last seen in Season 4, John Harrow (Jack Huston) had sent Tommy out west to get him away from his grandmother Jillian (Gretchen Mol), but it looks like the young boy, now grown, found his way back to Atlantic City just in time to change the course of history forever.

Trope joined the cast back in May when The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that he'd be taking on the role of a "drifter" who comes into town "to work for Mickey Doyle (Paul Sparks)."

Throughout the season, Nucky had pushed the boy away, encouraging him to go out and find a better life than one in the criminal world. Polite and well-intentioned, Trope's character became a beacon of hope for the future. He was young and likable with his whole life ahead of him. However, upon realizing that Slim was really Tommy, Nucky saw the path fate had set before him and that his decision to doom Jillian as a child had finally come full circle.

It turns out Pitt was right. Tommy came back.