Argentine soccer player Diego Maradona is claiming that he did not hit his former fiancee, Rocio Oliva, after a shocking video went viral that looked like she was being abused.

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The video that was posted on Monday shows Maradona sitting on a couch while Oliva records with her phone. Nothing happens for the first 15 seconds or so until the soccer player gets up and starts yelling at Oliva. He then lunges towards her where noises are made and the camera moves around, giving the impression that something physically dangerous could be taking place.

In an interview with an Argentine journalist translated to E! News on Tuesday, Maradona denied that he hit her.

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"Yes I threw her phone away, but I swear to you that I've never hit a woman," the soccer player insisted. "The episode starts and ends there. I take responsibility for throwing her phone but there isn't more. The situation didn't happen and wasn't more serious than that."

Maradona also admitted that he knew the video existed and "understands that the edit of the situation may look confusing." He then mentioned that he threw the phone out of Oliva's hands after he realized she was recording him.

It's difficult to tell what's going on in the video, but it likely caused some heads to turn since it looks as if something damaging could be taking place.

Check out the footage below.