Austin Mahone News: 18-Year-Old Reveals What Terrifies Him, ‘You Could Tell That I Was Scared’ [VIDEO]

Is there something Mmm Yeah singer Austin Mahone is afraid of? According to a new interview, Mahone is actually scared of haunted houses.

Austin Mahone Getting Ready To Play In Mexico After Releasing 'Places'

Mahone told J-14 Thursday that he had to recently face his fear. "I wasn't thinking it would be that scary at first, but I went through it and I was terrified," Mahone told the magazine. "My reaction was like, 'Oh, a haunted house? I don't know if it's going to be scary, I don't know if it's going to be good.' But once I got here and I went through it, you could tell that I was scared."

Mahone completed haunted house as part of 5 Gum's Truth or Dare challenge.

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Mahone is currently on his South American tour. Mahone will next be playing in Monterrey, Mexico on Friday. Mahone's next stops after that will then be Guatemala, Argentina, Chile and Peru into November.

Mahone will then continue recording his first full-length album. The 18-year-old just released his new song called Places this week. "We have awesome songs lined up and a lot of good people I'm working with," Mahone previously told the Daily Tribune Music. "I'm probably going to stick with pop for the most part," Mahone said, "but I'll try some different styles, too. I'm gonna jump out to a little more EDM, maybe some R&B, different stuff like that."

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