Instagram model Jen Selter has taken to social media to show what she wore on Halloween with a costume that is probably not what her followers expected.

Did Jen Selter's Booty Get Even Bigger?

On Friday, the model posted a video of herself doing what she does best- working on some squats to motivate people. She happened to be wearing her Halloween costume while doing this.

Considering that Selter is a fitness model and tends to post photos of her curvy body parts, one might think that she would dress up as something risque; but as it turns out, she wore a baggy one-piece panda suit.

Jen Selter Bares Her Legs With Her 'Fav Boy'

As Selter does her squats in the video, some hip hop music plays when all of a sudden, the model starts to get silly. She moves to the side swinging her hands in front of the other and then starts kicking her feet up, making the video look almost goofy.

This is a change from Selter's videos and photos that show more of a sexy side instead of a silly side. But it looks like she was having fun on Halloween getting her exercises in along with some wild dance moves in her panda suit.

Selter currently has more than four million followers on Instagram, making her one of the most popular starlets that earned her way to fame through social media. She got her start from posting images of herself at the gym where her body gradually improved.

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