'Episodes' Season 4 Premiere: Matt Shows Off His Alcohol Problem & Talks About Taking Naked Pictures Of Someone In Latest Promo [VIDEO]

Matt LeBlanc is about to return to Episodes with a new sneak peek on his inappropriate traits that make the show a hit.

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The clip that was released on TV Line on Friday shows the actor about to do a scene when he tells his co-worker that he knows his lines and doesn't need to look at the script. But right when the director says "Action!," Matt asks "Line?"

It's then revealed that Matt has a bit of an alcohol problem, which is more than obvious. He burps, knocks things over and speaks like a typical drunk.

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Carol is then seen smoking marijuana where she admits that she wants children. Then all of a sudden, Matt is in a bar saying that he wants to buy a drone so he can snap shots of Suzanne Somers because she apparently lies out naked.

In the next scene, Matt is in a meeting when liquidating is brought up. When he responds, the sound is off, but it seems pretty obvious that he's letting out some profanity.

Matt is back in the bar as he says that one can't put a price on children's happiness.

"But it turns out, you can," he continues. "They showed me a spreadsheet."

Sean does not seem impressed and points out that Matt should never have given sperm.

Check out the promo here.

Episodes Season 4 airs on Sunday, January 11 at 10:30 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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