Farrah Abraham is still trying to sell her Texas home, going so far as to lower the price before hosting an open house on Sunday.

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The reality star, who got her start on MTV's Teen Mom, posted an announcement on Twitter promoting the open house event, which took place on Sunday.

Farrah Abraham's Dating Woes

According to Abraham's latest announcement, the property is now going for $650K, a full $100K less than the asking price.

The listing for the Austin home was first revealed by Celeb Digs on Nov. 5, at which time the price was $780K.

With four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, the 3,300 square-foot home has yet to be picked up, though the lower price might entice potential buyers to look twice at the property. Abraham has yet to give a reason for selling the home, though it could have something to do with a delay in the opening of her Froco restaurant.

Even with the sale, Abraham will likely stay in Austin, as she has been raising her daughter in the area it is the location of her upcoming restaurant. The reality star is also committed through December to the city's Palazio Gentlemen's Club as a "celebrity feature" stripper, which means she'll have to stick around at least through the end of the year.