'Insurgent' Movie News: Ansel Elgort Named GQ Man Of The Year, Shailene Woodley Is 'Crush'; What Did Stars Have To Say? [VIDEO]

Their stars have started to become bigger over the last year as the two of them have taken part in two hit movies in 2014. But what stars from the Divergent franchise were named GQ Men of the Year?

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The magazine released on Wednesday that Ansel Elgort was named as a man of the year as part of their corresponding issue. His costar, Shailene Woodley, was named crush of the year. Both actors starred together in Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars prior to coming back for next year's Divergent follow-up Insurgent.

Elgort talked about 2014 and how it changed him and nominated another actor as his pick for Man of the Year, Matthew McConaughey. "I would have probably nominated Matthew McConaughey. I think he has had a really good year and it was almost a rebirth for him," he said.

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"People are beginning to look at him like he is one of the best actors on the planet, which he deserves to be looked at that way, because he is."

He also talked about his costar Woodley and how inspirational she is. "She's done a lot of great movies and shown everyone that she's a spectacular actress and really cool person," Elgort said.

Woodley nominated a director from a documentary series she was passionate about and talked about how funny Insurgent costar Miles Teller was.

"There is this dude and his name is Josh Fox. He has created two documentaries, one called Gasland and the other Gasland Part 2. They are really educational and they're so moving and I just think the world of him," she said.

"Funniest person of the year is Miles Teller hands down," Woodley added. "I think he might be the funniest person of every year that has ever existed."

Elgort and Woodley will next be seen in Insurgent on March 20, 2015.

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