While the focus for Insurgent has been on Shailene Woodley, and rightly so, there is also the main character of Four played by Theo James that could have a lot to do during the young adult novel sequel.

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Even though a love triangle has been teased with the addition of a new character that was seen in the book, and the validity of that has remained to be seen, we do know that James will be returning and should be the focus of Tris' affection as she begins her journey away from Jeanine and her destiny.

James is now showing up in his second movie in the series and could be poised to get an expanded role in order to begin looking past the Divergent franchise and into his own stuff. This has already started as the actor is set to lead the re-booted Underworld franchise.

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As for the movie, Four is going to be crucial for Tris as she deals with the trauma of what happened at the end of the first movie and looks for some solace in the face of the man she loves. Whether that includes another person in a love triangle or not, Four is going to be needed by Tris as she starts this new journey that could include the betrayal of her brother Caleb.

It also will be major for James, who could be one of the new "it" guys once this series ends, which could make his name jump up future big time series.