It has been about a decade since the popular Lizzie McGuire series went off the air back in 2004, but its lead actress Hilary Duff has revealed to fans what she believes Lizzie would be doing in 2014.

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Duff spoke with BuzzFeed Tuesday, revealing that while Lizzie and her best male friend Gordo (played by Adam Lamberg) finally proclaimed their love for one another before the show said goodbye for good, she does not believe they would still be together ten years later.

"I don't think she'd be married to Gordo. I don't know, I think she'd go off to college and potentially become a little cooler than she was, but still not b----y at all. I think she's just the biggest-hearted girl ever."

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She added that it is possible Lizzie would move to the New York City (of course her parents would tag along without her knowledge).

"I think she's pretty smart. I can imagine her being on a path to something really special and great, but I feel like she'd still be working her way through the office grind."

Even though Duff has imagined a much cooler and older Lizzie, she admitted that she will still have some of the traits that made fans fall in love with her to begin with.

"She'd probably constantly embarrass herself- mishaps in the office all the time. And she'd probably still be wearing butterfly clips, bringing it back!"

For any fans wondering, she added that she is just as "klutzy" as the beloved Disney character.

"I get out of the bathtub and I've cut my legs, like, eight different times. I have scars on my hands because I was just cutting into an English muffin and basically, like, sliced the top of my finger off! But I'm much more in control of my body than she was, and not, like, physically awkward, you know? I think I just move too quickly through things, and then don't pay attention."

As for her co-stars, she did say that she randomly saw actress Hallie Todd who played her mother and could not hold back the tears!

"We all, I think, hold each other in a really special place."

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