Emma Stone Cabaret: Actress Receives Rave Reviews For Her Broadway Performance, Is She Better Than Michelle Williams? [VIDEO]

Several reviews on Emma Stone's Cabaret performance are hitting the web, and it seems as though they are loving her.

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Stone has received several reviews for her performance as Sally Bowles in the Roundabout Theatre Company Broadway revival of Cabaret.

A review posted on USA Today said Stone doesn't so much sing her first lines as Sally Bowles as purr them. The critic calls Stone's voice husky and her gestures decisive.

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"Stone shows us, movingly, how Sally's guard can slip, in gestures as small as putting her fingers to her mouth self-consciously while waiting for Cliff, the visiting American and aspiring writer who has become her latest lover, to decide whether to let her move in," the critic wrote.

When discussing Stone's singing abilities, the critic thinks it doesn't really matter how strong it is: "For those wondering how strong Stone's singing is: Does it matter that much? Sally is a wannabe performer, and some of the women who have played her most successfully...have not had especially pretty or technically supple voices."

He did mention, though, that she plays--and sings--the part well:

"Stone hits her notes accurately and stylishly, summoning power when she needs to and letting a hoarse whisper suffice when the mood calls for it," the critic wrote.

Another critic, Joe Dziemianowicz (the New York Daily News' theater critic), called Stone's performance an upgrade from her predecessors:

"Sorry, Michelle Williams. Your Sally was so wispy that the role became smaller than life...Not Stone. She's so vivid and can't-take-your-eyes-off-her compelling that Sally looms large - as she should. Stone planned to play Sally when the musical opened eight months ago, but couldn't do it because of scheduling."

Stone has been receiving rave reviews in her new role as sales continue to rise.

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