TNT's new series, The Librarians, is a lighthearted show that brings viewers into a magical world. According to the cast members, the atmosphere was just as festive when the cameras weren't rolling.

EXCLUSIVE: Lindy Booth Dishes On Her Challenging Librarians Character

Actress Lindy Booth, who plays a character with synesthesia named Cassandra Cillian, said filming in Portland, Ore. was full of laughs and pranks.

"We were in pretty much constant state of hysterics the entire time," Booth, 35, told Enstars. "Never a day went by that something wasn't ruined by someone laughing at something someone else had done off-camera or faces John Larroquette was pulling behind the camera."

EXCLUSIVE: Rebecca Romijn Talks Playing Eve Baird

The Toronto native said she feels "lucky" to be part of a cast that gets along so well. She also put much emphasis on her newly formed friendship with Rebecca Romijn.

"I don't know what people's preconceived notions of supermodels are but she is the best. She is so smart and so funny and so down to earth and she is a real girl's girl," Booth said of the former Victoria's Secret model.

The two women also competed in a weekly event started on set called Cat Shirt Thursday, which required every cast member to dress up in their best feline outfit that day.

"She won most of the time because she is super competitive," Booth said of Romijn. "[But] on the last Thursday we did a big final Cat Shirt Thursday and I crushed her."

Romijn, who stars as counter terrorism expert Eve Baird, echoed similar sentiments about Booth.

"It's so funny when you work on a project and there's somebody in the cast that you bond with so much," the 42-year-old told reporters during an exclusive conference call moderated by Turner Entertainment. "I mean she and I text each other five times a day. We see each other for dinner all the time."

The spinoff of the successful Librarian television franchise airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST.