That often repeated saying "age is nothing but a number," is more than just a phrase for Roxanna. The Iranian-born singer believes in it wholeheartedly.

“I think that talent has no age, no color, no size, no condition. I think if you have the talent and you truly believe in it then go for it,” the singer told Enstars. “So I’m 40 years old and I’m loving it.”

Roxanna, who moved to Canada when she was 13, rarely thinks about her age while working in an industry that sometimes discriminates against older talent. Instead, she puts her heart and soul into her music, which is heavily influenced by Spanish music. After taking a trip to Madrid and seeing flamenco dancers firsthand, the singer fell love with their passion and the unique sound of the melody.

“I want to make people who listen to my music feel the way I did when I watched them. I probably am the first artist who is bringing flamenco into English language and westernized music,” she said.

Yet, Roxanna was introduced to Spanish music years before her trip to Madrid. She grew up listening to Julio Iglesias thanks to her late mother who was a big fan. Roxanna decided to pursue her talent professionally after working as a student nurse and realizing the way bedridden patients responded when she sang for them.

“I saw their reactions and I saw how much of a difference it makes,” said Roxanna, who runs her own record label RoxArts Inc. “It healed their soul.”

She has since made tremendous progress, having released her adult contemporary debut, Exotica, in July. She even landed her own PBS special showcasing a live performance of her album filmed in Los Angeles’ Cathedral of Saint Vibiana.

“It’s the best opportunity for new artists to showcase themselves, show full concert and see exactly who they are and I got really lucky,” she said of the PBS segment which premiered last month in Buffalo, N.Y.

She’s already caught the eye of musical legends like Jermaine Jackson, with whom she’s scheduled to collaborate with. Roxanna also released two music videos with her celebrity crush, former Days of Our Lives actor James Scott.

Currently working on her sophomore album, the singer has no plans to stop making music. She hopes to someday work with her idol Iglesias as well as newer talent such as Adele, Bruno Mars and Michael Buble.

“I want to continue working all over the world and have tours and concerts,” Roxanna said. “And never stop.”

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