The mid-season finale of Reign is about to welcome back a dead character who will cause some major disturbances.

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On Monday, E! News reported that King Henry will be making an appearance in this Thursday's episode. Considering that he died last season, some are probably curious how exactly this will work. It turns out that he'll still be dead, but his spirit will still work his troubling ways.

"He will not be able to keep his hands to himself. What we'll find is he's a ghost with a very corporeal touch," showrunner Laurie McCarthy said. "I think he's also going to be complicating life for Catherine, Claude and he will be playing a large role in a mystery that we've been hinting at with Catherine, Claude and the ghosts; really what went wrong with Catherine and her daughter and their childhood."

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The site pointed out that King Henry died in a jousting match in real life as did the character in the royal drama's first season finale. McCarthy mentioned that while she didn't want to lost Alan Van Sprang (Henry), "you can alter some events in history, but you have to honor others."

"I loved King Henry and I love Alan Van Sprang," the showrunner added. "So I would say it was a strain not to bring him back as a ghost, so finally we just gave into it."

Reign airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.