'The Amazing Spider-Man 3' News: Deal Between Sony & Marvel Not Completely Dead, Is There Still A Shot At New Trilogy For Hero? [VIDEO]


With the hack of Sony revealing a lot of information on the inner-workings of the company as emails have shown that some interesting movie ideas are being floated out there. Now it was revealed that they did talk with Marvel about Spider-Man and that those talks died off, but with the most recent leak, could they start again?

Sony Hack Reveals A Crossover With Marvel & Animated Film Plans For Spider-Man

It was reported back at Comic-Con that Sony and Marvel had been discussing a possible deal with Spider-Man that would allow the latter studio to use the hero in their upcoming Civil War plot and maybe work him into the future of the Avengers.

But those talks died, according to the recent Sony hack, and Sony decided to pass on the offer that Marvel made and focus on the future of the brand themselves with the spin-offs that they had planned.

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Now, according to Latino Review on Wednesday, the talks between Sony and Marvel could re-open due to the bad publicity that the former company is getting during this whole debacle.

According to the site, the original deal between the two companies was a 60/40 split between the two companies with Marvel getting 60 and Sony getting the rest. This was the deal that was discussed before the leak and it could happen again as the people in Japan running Sony are unhappy with how this whole thing has turned out.

The site adds that the higher-ups are not happy with this bad PR and could look to strike a deal with Marvel in order to get some good out of their property instead of letting it die in their hands. It was also added that the planned Spider-Man summit could end with a call to Marvel and possibly an appearance during Avengers: Age of Ultron since re-shoots are happening early next year.

Who knows what will happen, but a decision is coming soon on Spider-Man and could favor Marvel.

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