JWoww News 2014: What’s Next Now That Her Reality Television Career Has Ended? [VIDEO]

Now that Jenni 'JWoww' Farley is no longer going to be on the small screen, she's looking at tacking new projects for her future. The former Jersey Shore star is saying good-bye to her reality television career while at the same time opening up doors for a bigger and brighter future ahead.

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JWoww, who is engaged to her fiancé Roger Mathews and gave birth to her daughter Meilani this summer, says she would like to start going into producing.

In a new interview with North Jersey on Friday, JWoww revealed: "I would actually like to start producing," says Farley, who is in the process of pitching her first show. "It's exciting, so you never know. But I'm also, at this point in my life, so content with just being a mom that if nothing comes of it, I could just stay home all day with my baby."

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As far as her old Jersey Shore days, JWoww admits that it feels like she was on the show longer than it feels.

She said, "I look at pictures and I'm like, when the hell. ... It feels like 20 years ago. ... If I even tried to stay out till 4 in the morning now, I would probably pass out on a corner and need an IV of fluid."

When asked if she would allow her daughter Meilani to be a reality star one day, JWoww answered with, "If she's 21, 22 and wants to get a Shore house with her girlfriends, that's great. But not on TV."

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