'Insurgent' Movie News: Mystery Box From First Trailer Opens Up Host Of New Questions About The Film [VIDEO]

While the first full trailer for the next movie in the Divergent series dropped on Friday, there were still some massive questions that the teaser left fans of the franchise with. Specifically, what's in the box?

Tris & Four Kiss As More Action Ensues During First Full 'Insurgent' Trailer

Entertainment Wise posed the question on Saturday and asked whether this would signal a major change from the book to the screen and could mean that the new director and writers want to steer away from the books some.

According to the site, it looks like director Robert Schwentke (who takes over from Divergent director Neil Burger) has added a whole new story strand to the second chapter of the franchise, Insurgent. The trailer hints at things a bit more as we see what we're assuming are the Divergents being tested with snake-like wires, with Tris becoming the ultimate test subject at the end of the teaser, thanks to Jeanine.

'Insurgent' Releasing Full Trailer On Friday But New Teaser Gives Fans An Early Glimpse

They added that fans have been left angry by the seemingly unnecessary inclusion; after all, there's plenty of action and drama in Roth's books to sustain what will end up being four movies. Roth herself hasn't been too involved with either the Divergent or Insurgent movie.

While this seems to be a different approach than The Hunger Games, it may work in the favor of Divergent to add some other elements that they know will work. The film is expected to take the place of Hunger Games once that franchise ends and it hasn't shown that it has the firepower to do so with its first effort.

The next movie looks like it could possibly pull it off but it may need to diverge from the books in order to do so.

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