While the quest to find Peter Quill's father will be a key story line in the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, it seems like the character may already have a figure much like his dad from the first movie.

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In an interview last week with Screen Junkies, director James Gunn talked about the relationship that Quill has with Yondu (played by Michael Rooker) and how the character almost is like his father.

Gunn said that Yondu is proud of Peter for giving him that doll and that the character likes such dolls. "Maybe the doll will mean more to him than the Infinity stone," the director said. He did not however explicitly confirm that Yondu will be featuring in the next movie but said that Rooker was a good friend who has been a part of all his movies so far.

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With the rumors of who would be Quill's dad becoming the topic of the next movie, having Yondu as a stand-in has seemed to work right now. Of course, the character was the one who picked Peter up from Earth and kept him instead of bringing him to his father.

Gunn has already said that his father won't come from the comics and that the route may be a new one entirely. It has also linked the role to such characters as Adam Warlock, The Collector, and even Thor's father, Odin.

Either way, it seems like the sequel will explore more into the characters that are included on the Guardians team and Quill will learn more about his departure from Earth.