From Groot and Rocket to the deadpan humor of Drax, the whole cast of Guardians of the Galaxy wowed crowds and made everyone instant fans of this new franchise. But the director of the sequel says not to get too attached to these characters because there is always room for them to do the wrong thing next time.

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In an interview with Comic Book Resources on Monday, James Gunn talked about the reaction to the first movie and what he thought about fans attaching themselves to specific characters.

"I think my biggest surprise was just how much they latched on to nearly everything. My surprise was how much they liked the humor in the movie. How much they liked the visuals. How much they got the visuals. How they saw what they were. How they were different from other movies that were coming out," he said.

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"There were a lot of things in the movie that people would probably enjoy, but I didn't know that people would get it in such a specific way, that they would understand the movie so incredibly well. That was a great joy for me seeing that. And it definitely influences me."

Gunn also said that these characters could change in the next movie and that fans should temper their attachment to specific people in the movie.

"There's a process of discovery, and I'm not sure the characters who were the favorites from the last movie are going to be the favorites in the next movie," he said.

"It's really about listening to the audience, but then keeping myself as open to discovery as possible, because I think that there's a lot of things that have gone unexplored and characters that have gone unexplored."

It would seem unlikely that he would completely turn a character bad, but could he mean that someone is turning good? He has mentioned more screen time for Karen Gillan's Nebula so maybe that change could be coming.