'Gossip Girl' Reunion 2014: Actor Reveals If The Gang Will Ever Come Back, Any Chance They'll Get Together In The Future? [VIDEO]

Hey, Upper East Siders...is Gossip Girl ever coming back?

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On Wednesday, Hollywood Life found out if the elite gang from New York will ever have a reunion. Ed Westwick who played the infamous Chuck Bass mentioned that there are no plans right now since everyone is doing something else.

"I think we enjoyed ourselves on what we did, but everyone's off doing their own thing," the actor told the site. "We're all very happy for one another."

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Even though Chuck, Blair, Serena, Dan and Nate may not be back anytime soon, the site mentioned that perhaps there might be a reunion someday. Even if there are no plans now, the group might consider coming together in the future.

Gossip Girl became one of the most iconic television shows with its dramatic twists and turns on romance, friends, parents and learning how to adapt in the world of money and fame.

The last episode ended with (spoiler alert) Chuck and Blair being married and having a son together. Dan and Serena just began their wedding where their friends and family were there with them, including Serena's mother, Lily, and Dan's father, Rufus. And despite the fact that those tied the knot and divorced, they actually didn't get back together.

It was also revealed that Dan was Gossip Girl the whole time; even though whoever was running this site always said in the opening sequence that this would be a secret never told, the truth finally came out.

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