The girls of Fifth Harmony are super boss when it comes to their personal style, so we've rounded up photos from their Instagram accounts that showcase the best of their most fashionable attire. 

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Up first is the oldest member of 5H, Ally Brooke Hernandez. Her style is sweet, yet sassy.

The photo Hernandez shared on Feb. 15 is what dreams are made of. Her outfit is adorable, comfortable and absolutely perfect for a day spent at Disney. Her shoes are a nice pop of color and we love the added accessory of those Mickey Mouse balloons.

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Her second photo is from Apr. 10 and we love her accessories. Her fedora is so simple, yet it pulls her outfit together seamlessly. The elephant necklace is a bold statement piece, which lies nicely against her patterned top.

Lastly, Hernandez's Dec. 23 photo in front of her Christmas tree is lovely. Her choice of a fuzzy white sweater paired with tights and a pair of black shorts is an easy look to pull off, but her added red lip is the real wow factor.

Dinah Jane Hansen is up next. Her fashion choices are typically fun and full of life. On Jun. 10 the singing sensation shared a photo of herself in a full-length gown that made her appear even more beautiful than she already is.

On Jun. 21 she was more playful with her attire, in which she sported a snapback, a crop top jersey and some eye black with a bold red lip.

Hansen showcases her Sunday best in her picture from Oct. 6. She has a gray pencil skirt and a peach colored top paired with a pair of heels and minimal jewelry, making her look simple, yet sophisticated.

Normani Kordei Hamilton is up next with her fierce and bold style. Her Jan. 8 selfie, in which she's sporting a vibrant red beanie and a tee makes her look comfy and flawless.

Her photo from Jul. 20 shows an awesome outfit. We're big fans of the royal blue dress on her with its cute hooded section. Her heels are simple in color, but stunning in design with all of those straps.

On Oct. 20 the singer wore a blue plaid shirt to match her blue hair. The shades don't match perfectly, but that's okay since the contrast is excellent. We also love her big hoop earrings!

Camila Cabello's style sense is up next! She's incredibly girly, which is why her Feb. 4 snap is on our list. Her caption reads, "you guys think i'm replacing my bows with snapbacks but really i've been having subsequent bad hair days," which is great since she's known for her signature bows.

Plus, her heels are magnificent! They work well with her long-sleeved-top-and-jeans combo.

Her Aug. 5 picture is next since we love her black skirt and the heather gray top it's paired with. Plus, her bracelets add little bursts of color.

Camile's dress is utterly adorable in her Oct. 19 pic. The stripe pattern on the skirt pairs well with Cabello's white heels. Her sunglasses and pose are a nice touch of adorable too.

Last up is Lauren Jauregui, who has such an edgy sense of style. On Feb. 4 the singer shared a photo of herself with a bold red lip, a black and white striped shirt and a cross necklace. It's a pretty simple look, yet her intense eyes (her lashes appear to be full of volume) and powerful lipcolor make the look very lively.

Jauregui went for a muted palette on May 20, but her jacket adds an element of edginess. Love the pattern on her jeans!

Jauregui gave us rocker chic in her Aug. 23 photo where she's modeling an awesome wrap dress. It's like a plaid shirt, but better. Her black heels and bold lip complete the look perfectly.

We want to raid 5H's closets! How about you?