Royal Family News: The Queen's Mother Was Reportedly Insane & Drunk Last 20 Years Of Life? [VIDEO]

A new book was published that claims that the Queen Mother was insane and inebriated for the last 20 years of her life.

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Dubbed the world's favorite grandmother, the Queen Mother of the Royal Family, is now having her reputation tarnished by a newly published book, Backstairs Billy: The Royal Life Of William Tallon, reported Sunday Express on Sunday.

The publisher's blurb for the book addressed the purpose of the book: "As far as the public was concerned, the Royal Family was a model of reticence but Billy saw the other side of a family whose members loved drinking and smoking, swearing and playing sometimes cruel practical jokes on each other in private."

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Backstairs Billy represents William Tallon who worked for the Queen Mother for more than 50 years, and who allegedly had a very unique bond with her.

"Billy adored her and she adored Billy, perhaps because of his high-camp style and outrageous remarks about the well-born equerries, royal press people and advisers, but mostly because he made her gin and tonics just the way she liked them, nine-tenths gin and one-tenth tonic," the blurb read.

On Saturday night, the Queen Mother's niece, Margaret Rhodes, addressed the allegations put forth by the book: "One really would have hoped that the Queen Mother was above such allegations. To write such absolute nonsense about someone who is dead and unable to answer back is disgusting."

She also said that some of the "facts" were incorrect, especially regarding Queen Mother's drinking habits, which apparently never included a gin and tonic.

"She preferred a gin martini mix which she usually made herself. She drank no more than one or two drinks of an evening, but never drank too much. She was very conscious of her standing and knew what was proper of someone in her position to do and not to do," Rhodes said.

A spokesman for the publishers refused commenting on the book, and a spokeman for the Queen said that Buckingham Palace wouldn't be commenting on this kind of book, according to Express Sunday.

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