News about Transformers 5 has been trickling through very slowly, and of the few confirmations it is known that Mark Wahlberg will be coming back for the Age of Extinction sequel, and that filming is set to begin soon.

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But there is no news as to when exactly the movie will hit theaters and what month production will begin. If Transformers 5 is aiming for a 2016 release, pre-production should be underway by now, and filming should start by summer.

Wahlberg stated that he will be returning for the sequel to Age of Extinction in a recent interview.

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In the interview with MTV where he confirmed his involvement with Transformers 5 he also revealed that filming would begin soon. He wasn't quite sure if Bay was rerturning but stated that production would begin soon. "I can't speak for Mr. Bay, but something tells me we'll be on the set soon," Wahlberg said.

This could mean the movie might stick to its intitally planned 2016 release. As pre-production had been in limbo, it was being suggested that the release might be pushed to 2017.

What'd thrown the production of the movie into a state of limbo is director Michael Bay recently ditching the franchise. On August 11, IndieWire reported that Bay had hinted at the fact that he might not be as keen on directing the sequel to Age of Extinction. The revelation came from an MTV interview, the director did just after wrapping work on Transformers 4. "There's a lot that's unexplored, but that's for the next director to figure out," he said. Bay had previously stated that if he sticks with the franchise the new movie will be probably be as long as Age of Extinction. 

Transformers: Age of Extinction hit theaters on June 27, 2014.

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