Tamar Braxton took to her Instagram to show love for her husband Vincent Herbert after things got very real when she had a breakdown on the The Real; she opened up about a past relationship in which she was physically and verbally abused.

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She shared a picture of her and Herbert Tuesday with the caption, "I love me some him".

 I [love] me some HIM

A photo posted by Tamar Braxton (@tamarbraxtonher) on Jan 13, 2015 at 11:35am PST

Just hours before, Braxton and her The Real co-hosts were speaking on what advice they would give their younger selves. She said she would tell herself to spend more time getting to know who she was. She reminded fans that she suffered physical abuse by the hand of a former boyfriend.

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The Let Me Know singer told the audience and co-hosts that she did not understand that type of relationship was not okay and allowed him to "get away with it", because she was still learning who she was.

She added, "I was with the wrong person. It made me feel bad about who I was. That's why I would tell my younger self, I would date so many people at this moment... He would make me feel so bad about having dreams, having goals, and my dreams and goals aren't the same as his. Because of that he would beat me down mentally and physically."

She set the record straight and said that while physical abuse was never something she witnessed in her own household with her parents, she didn't know "where to go" because she was unaware of who she was.

Braxton went on to encourage viewers, "Get to know you."

Later, Braxton was asked more about her abusive relationship. That's when she got silent and had a brief breakdown as she cried and told her co-hosts she was able to get out because she did not want to bring shame upon her family. She bravely said she was not sure if she would ever make it out alive, and did not even want to think about her parents having to deal with her dying because of that situation.

Thankfully Braxton was able to remove herself from the relationship. She is now happily married to mega music producer Vincent Herbert. The two have a child, Logan, together.

Check out a clip of the touching moment below.