Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade has to pay a price after standing up for his wife, Being Mary Jane actress Gabrielle Union, against critics during an NBA game.

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Wade took matters into his own hands during Wednesday night's game (Jan. 21) against the Charlotte Bobcats. He told The Associated Press that game goers were mocking Union and their comments and insults only got worse as the evening progressed.

So he flipped them off. But throwing up the middle finger cost the All-star player $15,000.

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Wade explained his actions and said, "You can talk about me all day. I really don't care what you say about me because I know at the end of the day when I walk off that court most of those guys would see me in the back hallway and want to shake my hand. When it gets too personal about your family, that's too far. But it's not going to stop."

He confessed that his sons also thought his action was a little too vulgar. They took away his phone and didn't let him watch the TV the next day.

"House rules, for disrespecting the family name."

Still, Wade hopes the NBA will begin to step up for its players when it comes to rude and obscene fans who attend the games.

"The NBA is an unbelievable league, and I'm one of the first ones to be doing NBA Cares and all these things in the community, but they need to protect us a little more. They need to do a better job of protecting players in the arena. It's open game on us. We're big boys, we can take it, but everyone has their breaking point."