Fashion is sometimes seen as an expansion of a person's personality, and there will be no exception to that rule when it comes to E!'s new scripted series The Royals.

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In a 'Behind the Palace Gates' sneak-peek video, the show's cast, including Elizabeth Hurley, who portrays Queen Helena in the new series, talk about how lucky they are to have the fashion houses they do providing pieces for their wardrobe.

"I'm very lucky that Dolce & Gabbana dressed Queen Helena in quite a few of her outfits, including this one," Hurley sys in the video. "And an awful lot of the super chic dresses. We've got an incredible crew on this and they've put together, I think, some fantastic looks."

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IN addition to the looks being provided by some big name designers, the fashion on the show is set to reflect each character's personality in a big way.

"Each of the characters have sort of been designer with their own personality in their clothing and what they wear," Alexandra Park, who plays Princess Eleanor on the show. "She (Princess Eleanor) spends as much money as she can to look kind of cheap. But in a very sexy, badass way."

And the fashion won't only extend to the members of the royal family, but will be a major part of those cast members who aren't royal as well.

"I knew coming in here that everything was going to be extravagant and detailed, because it's the royal family," Merritt Patterson, who portrays Prince Liam's love interest, Ophelia, said. "I mean, when you get the chance to wear these clothes, especially the dresses, it totally changes how you feel. You can't help but feel excited and you feel like a princess."

The Royals premieres March 15 on E!