Those hoping to get a chance at dating royalty could have a fictional chance at the very least, thanks to a partnership between E! 's first scripted series, The Royals, and popular dating app Tinder.

The show's very own single royal prince, Prince Liam (William Moseley) is officially on the dating app (with a fake profile) to promote the show-and while an actual date with him isn't something those using the app will be able to win, they can still benefit from a sweet response when they try to get in touch with him.

E! announced the Tinder profile on their website, and comments on the article show that the profile does send back an automated message to those who are matched with the fictional prince, telling them that they are the most gorgeous women in the world and could potentially make good princesses.

As for the profile, Liam is listed as athletic, loving polo, hunting and yachting; fashion savvy, sensitive, and knowing how to have a good time.




The series is being heavily promoted by E! as it is the network's first dip into the scripted series pool, and the buzz has been so intense, that the show was already picked up for a second season, despite not having a series premiere until mid-March.

The show was announced to have gotten the second season pick up at the NBC Cable's Television Critics Association press tour in January, with Dame Joan Collins, who plays the mother of Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) in the series chiming in about the buzz surrounding the series.

"I know there's been a lot of excitement about it in the British press," she said at the time.

The Royals premieres March 15 on E!