'The Night Shift' NBC: Jill Flint Previews 'Sexier' Season 2, Will TC & Jordan Get Together? [VIDEO]


The Night Shift's ER crew will have little bit more fun in season 2.

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Although Jordan (Jill Flint) and TC (Eoin Macken) are still suspended when the NBC drama returns with "Recovery," the two doctors will quickly get back into the swing of things - and possibly back into each others arms.

"We're recovered and Jordan and TC are close again," Flint told Screen Slam. "It think Jordan's having a bit more fun this season. It's a little sexier this season, for sure."

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It remains to be seen if Flint's comment applies to her relationship with the embattled TC, but it's safe to say the former Army doc will be in a better place when season 2 picks up two months after his explosive breakdown. While out of work, Macken's character spent a little time with Jill and with a therapist.

"He ended up talking about a lot of his issues and going through, trying to deal a lot of them with Jordan," Macken informed Screen Slam. "At the start of the series, he's in therapy and he's figuring his stuff out."

Will TC be stable enough to rekindle his relationship with Jill, or will the former leader of the night shift still be linked with Dr. Scott Clemmens (Scott Wolf)? Find out more when The Night Shift returns to NBC on Feb. 23 at 10 p.m. ET.

Click the video below to see a preview for the new season.

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