Insurgent will hit theaters very soon and one of the stars of the movie, Shailene Woodley, recently discussed the special box that has been seen in the various trailers.

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Woodley stars as Beatrice "Tris" Prior and revealed to MTV News a bit more information about the special box that has appeared in the trailers.

In Veronica Roth's Divergent book series there is no special box, but it has made its way into the film adaptation.

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In the trailers, Tris' enemy Jeanine Matthews (Kate Winslet) who is the leader of the Erudite faction has possession of this box, which Woodley went into great detail about.

"There's a box that is in Jeanine's possession," Woodley stated, adding, "And Jeanine wants to open the box."

Woodley revealed how the box can be opened.

"The only way it can be accessed is if one Divergent goes through a series of five simulations. But not any Divergent can do it. You have to be a special Divergent and you have to be able to outsmart all five factions or the systems in which the factions have placed," she divulged.

Woodley dished that her character is the Divergent that can access the box.

"And Tris happens to be the only one who can do that," she said, adding, "I guess that's the significance of Tris' Divergentness."

This information surely confirms just how much action will be seen in the film aside from the glimpses of action seen in the trailers and clips.

Insurgent hits theaters on Mar. 20.