"Revenge" returns for its second season on September 30 and the show's premiere is full of twists and turns that will keep viewers clamoring for more.

In episode 1, the show's lead character Emily Thorne confronts a friend from her past, Amanda Clarke, who is pregnant.

"We have so much to talk about," said Emily. "I know that you've always been there for me, but I'm on a different path now."

"Wow. Back five seconds and you're already pushing me away," replied Clarke. "Except this time I'm not going anywhere...Jack and I are in this together -- for real," added Clarke.

"He thinks you're me, Amanda," Emily replied. "How real can it be?"

"Revenge" is about a young woman who moved to the Hamptons with a false identity to plot revenge against several wealthy people for her father's murder.

Emily VanCamp plays Emily Thorne, whose true identity is Amanda Clarke. Viewers learned in season one that Clarke traded her identity as a juvenile delinquent with her "frenemy" Amanda who is now pregnant.

The highly anticipated story line in season 2 involves a newcomer to the hit ABC series, actress Jennifer Jason Leigh.

The finale from season 1 ended with Emily learning that her birth mother, played by Leigh, is actually alive. Emily thought her birth mother was dead for many years. Fans wonder how Thorne will keep her cover as  while putting the pieces together to learn about for her mother's return. Emily's mother will think Amanda, who Emily switched identities with, is her daughter.

"We are going to see Emily's mom....and we're also introducing another character from Emily's past," the show's executive producer Melissa Loy told TVGuide.com.

"Jennifer Jason Leigh joins the show as Emily's mom, but Emily can't reveal her true identity to her parent....she thinks this other girl is her daughter," Loy added."We learn the whole backstory and what happens between her and Emily when she was a little girl and why she stayed away all these years."

According to TV Guide, the first scene of Episode 1 for season 2 begins with rescuers searching for plane survivors from a plane crash. The search team stumble upon another accident. The details around that storyline will reveal itself closer to Episode 14.

Here are other spoilers fans can expect in Season 2, according to Loy's interview with TV Guide:

  • Viewers will learn by the end of Episode1 why Charlotte has gone sober. She will remain committed to staying clean.
  • Emily will end up in a relationship with someone who knows her real identity. "[Barry Sloane plays Aidan], a possible love interest who will ultimately be part of her plan," Loy said. "The nice thing about the dynamic between the two of them is that he's one of the first characters, besides Nolan, who comes into her world and she can be honest about who she is. He knows what her past is and how badly she's been wronged and he has his own version of a revenge story which we'll learn about."
  • Emily's best friend Nolan will get more screen time and possible love interest. "There is someone in Nolan's life that comes along, played by Dilshad Vadsaria, who comes in as a misfit kind of like him."
  • Someone is getting married, there will be a wedding.
  • Amanda, while pregnant, will be less scornful. "Amanda does some heroic things this season that redeem her a little bit," Loy says. "She's still the girl that stands in the way of Emily and Jack, but she's not quite as loathsome this year."

Watch the preview for Season 2 of "Revenge."

"Revenge" season premiere airs on Sunday, Sept.30 at 9/8c on ABC