In a recent interview, the showrunners of The Good Wife dished about their dream guest stars for the CBS legal drama, and also weighed in on why an A-Lister, who is also a good friend of Julianna Margulies hasn't relented yet.

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Speaking to E!Online at the Paley Fest, executive producers, Robert and Michelle King revealed that the coveted George Clooney, who was Margulies's former co-star on ER, was whisked away by another show before they could get their hands on him.

"He did do Downton Abbey, that bastard," Robert joked. "That is really like a betrayal."

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Although that shouldn't mean that he is done with TV shows, and there's hoping Clooney does drop by as a handsome stranger in Alicia's life, even if only for a day.

But sharing their more realistic options the Kings suggested some stars they would really like to have on and interestingly enough the most treasured comedy duo of our times is on their radar -- Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

Of the actors they are actively pursuing, John Lithgow might be making an appearance soon. Robert King stated that they've almost gotten him to figure time out but it's been kind of jinxed. "I think because we've been soclose like two or three times and it was about scheduling," he said.

Matt Czuchry, who plays Cary Agos, on the show had some pretty out there suggestions like Matt Damon, Ryan Gosling and Liam Neeson. In Czuchry's dream sequence, Cary would have to represent Neeson's character, who will be on trial for "throat punching," in court.

Watch a clip of the Kings and Czuchry talk about the guest stars: