British actress Naomi Watts is a newcomer to the Divergent franchise, playing Evelyn, Four's (Theo James) mother.

'Insurgent' Producers Talk 'Divergent' Franchise

The 46-year-old totally transformed in appearance to portray Four's mother.

Her blonde locks were hidden under a black wig, which even got her into a little bit of trouble on the set of Insurgent during her first day.

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USA Today reported Wednesday that Watts got reprimanded on set by a wardrobe supervisor for not being dressed properly. The wardrobe supervisor thought Watts was a rebellious extra that purposely dressed in the wrong costume.

"This person thought Naomi was disobeying the wardrobe commands, she had no idea it was Naomi Watts," Lucy Fisher, a producer of the Divergent franchise, shared.

"Naomi had to finally explain who she was. We did sort of want her unrecognizable," Fisher added.

James also had an interesting reaction to Watts' transformation in becoming Evelyn.

Fisher said that James was sent a photo of his onscreen mom and texted back, "That's one hot mama."

Watts revealed that she "sort of promised" herself that 2005's King Kong was her final action movie since she injured herself from doing stunt work.

"My four and fifth lumbar are not good and my disc bulges. I have to be careful," Watts dished.

Watts can leave the stunt work to stunt people since she will also appear in the next two installments of the franchise, Allegiant: Part 1, which is due out next year and Allegiant: Part 2, which is due out in 2017.

Insurgent hits theaters Friday, March 20.