In a recent interview, Julianna Margulies dished about her hopes for Alicia, one of which was to ditch her influential husband, Peter Florrick (Chris Noth).

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The actress was present with a bunch of cast members and the showrunner of the CBS legal drama at the Paley Fest. Deadline reported from the event and relayed some interesting thoughts Margulies had about her character.

"I would truly love to see her leave Peter," Margulies said.

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The audience seconded her opinion by applauding said statement, to which Margulies showed some surprise: "Wow, we have some Peter haters!"

The couple have only stayed together in the public eye, so each might benefit from the relationship in their careers. Margulies spoke about how how Peter's position as the governor was a big leg up for Alicia in her profession, especially when it came to nabbing clients. This she added was now being extended in her bid to win the State's Attorney race.

"At first it was her time to climb up the ladder in the law firm and having the governor as husband definitely helped get clients," Margulies said. "Now, in the political arena, they are a power couple."

But if Alicia were to win the race, she might not need Peter as much as he needs her to keep his image up, so do we anticipate a final break up soon? Also, Alicia has already started lashing out at her husband's governorship to help her campaign, which shows how she is distancing herself from him, even in the public eye now.

The next episode for the show, titled Red Meat, will air on March 22.

Watch the preview for Red Meat: