Their battle for control of Lancaster County has been epic, but things will take a significantly more dramatic turn as Doug continues to revolt against Levi on Amish Mafia.

Mary's Story Is Revealed

Now, in an effort to assert his own power, and potentially remind Levi that he too is a force to be reckoned with, Doug and his rouge Mennonite gang-which includes Levi's former associates Caleb and Alan-will take the battle to its grandest scale yet.

According to Doug, the Amish borrowed much of the Mennonite's farming equipment to conduct their business-but now that the Mennonites have been cut out of the deal, Doug wants his stuff back.

Merlin Abandons His Alliance With Levi

"The Amish needed our farming equipment. Levi cut us out. Fine," Doug says. "I want my equipment back."

As a result, during the night he and his gang work to get everything back, with a dire warning of the lengths they will go to ensure they get what they want.

"The Amish community need to understand that without us, they have nothing," he says. "I want every Amish farm in Lancaster county raided and burned to the ground if we have to."

However, producers become wary of the plot when they notice that the group is all carrying gas cans-and Doug warns that they're going to make sure their message gets across.

"We need to make a statement, and it's going to be a big one," he says, as various Amish Farms up in flames appear in the background.

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