Her reasons for shacking up with Merlin and trying to help him spread the message of what life is really like inside the Amish community weren't really clear to begin with-but Mary's motives will finally be revealed on Amish Mafia.

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In a preview clip for the Tuesday, March 17 episode, Merlin and Mary are trying to spread their message that things aren't always so rosy in the Amish community-but after they are confronted by someone who tells them that they're lying about things and calls them out, the two are forced to leave. And as they retreat, Mary's reasons for spreading the message are finally revealed.

"This lady did not even take the time to listen to me, she did not know any more words other that 'you're disgusting,'" Merlin says in the clip. "I hear that all the time, I probably hear that about every day, and I'm not going to put up with that. I'm not going to listen to people like that," he said.

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His upset causes Mary to then admit the shocking truth-she, along with other Amish girls-were all sexually abused when they were younger, and she no longer wants that secret to sit in the shadows.

"They're doing this because they don't want us to bring out the truth. They want the truth to be hidden," she says. "...There's also a lot of things that goes on that society doesn't know. The molestation, some sexual harassment that goes on in the Amish."

"I have had so many girls that I know, Amish girls, that have been sexually abused," she continues. "and they all say the same thing I do. When I told [bleeped out], when I finally had the guts to tell [bleeped out] that I was sexually abused, her first words out of her mouth were 'Was it your fault?' And so many of these girls that are sexually abused amongst the Amish get the same thing...they don't want the society to know what goes on in their communities, they want everybody to think they're all innocent. They have absolutely no idea the hell some of us go through. And I have literally been to hell and back. I have often said that hell couldn't be any worse than being Amish."

Amish Mafia airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on Discovery.