'Trainwreck' News: What Did John Cena Use While Appearing Naked In The New Movie [VIDEO]


Why would John Cena need a stunt penis?

Amy Schumer Compares Herself To Samantha From 'Sex And The City,' 'I Feel Sexually Liberated'

On Thursday, The Boston Herald reported that professional wrestler John Cena needed a little help from a stunt penis for a scene in Amy Schumer's new movie, Trainwreck.

Of course, the stunt penis was for a sex scene where Cena had to appear naked.

Amy Schumer Opens Up About Her Upcoming Raunchy Movie 'Trainwreck' 

"I was gifted a stunt penis. I had to do a sex scene that involved me being almost all the way naked," Cena said. "I had to stuff myself in a small nylon sock and they gave me a stunt penis to insinuate an erection."

This doesn't come as much surprise for an Amy Schumer movie, especially since she claims she feels sexually liberated.

 The Daily Beast shared an interview with Schumer who opened up on the movie industry and how it is finally coming to terms that there need to be more movies targeted for women.

"I was a late bloomer sexually, compared to my friends. I lost my virginity at 18, and then sophomore year of college I kind of went through a Samantha on Sex and the City phase where I was spreading myself really thin. And then no. I feel sexually liberated and that I own my sexuality, but I don't sleep around," she said.

The actress continues saying that sex-based comedy is a huge hit with her, which explains her newest work Trainwreck.

"The funniest stories, for me, are sex-based. They're so weird, embarrassing, and humiliating. If I go up and I tell three [stand-up] stories about sex, people think, 'Oh my god, this girl always has her legs over her head,' but actually, that's over the course of years. I've not been too promiscuous over the last 10 years, but I definitely think about the time that I was, and how painful that was," Schumer said.

Tainwreck is Schumer's very first film as a lead and is set to premiere on July 17. She joins forces with Judd Apatow for the raunchy new film.

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