As it turns out, the Carrie remake released in 2013 was not the movie director Kimberly Peirce originally set out to make.

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Every week Dread Central receives a link to the Carrie 2013: Release The Extended Directors Cut On DVD/Blu-Ray petition from fans hoping to publicize their efforts.

So far, the petition has gathered over 11,000 signatures, with a goal of reaching 20,000.

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According to Dread Central, the version of the remake, which was released in theatres two years ago was heavily pared down. Scenes which included additional violence and character development were cut and the five alternate endings buried at the bottom of the cutting room floor.

"There were a number of people who attended the first test screenings of the film [in 2012] and confirmed that the original cut was longer and a lot different from what we saw in theatres," read the petition, which aims to sore the attention of MGM and Sony Pictures.

These fans claims that the film originally opened with the hail storm and that the courtroom scenes involving those who had known Carrie were more important. Instead of presenting the events leading up to prom as being in the present, they were instead presented as past memories of those testifying for the White Commission.

The original cut allegedly included a video diary, as well as more sexual content and graphic violence. It also explored Carrie's (Chloe Grace Mortez) powers in more detail and it is believed that this version is significantly more faithful to the Stephen King novel than the version which was released in theatres.

Fans are hopeful that the petition will inspire a "special edition" of the Peirce's Carrie to be released in the coming future.